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International Exchange (Selection)


There are intensive collaborations with several Chinese universities, such as Tongji University Shanghai, Second Military Medical University Shanghai, Third Military Medical University Chongching, High School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Dept. of Pathology, Hangzhou, Beijing University, Hospital 301 and Hangzhou Normal University.

One focus is the establishment of new pathology laboratories (anatomic and molecular pathology) in China in collaboration with Virchow Laboratories Group Ltd. in Shanghai/Beijing/Hangzhou. The first four laboratories are working at Dong Fang Hospital, Shanghai, and at Hospital No. 2 of Hangzhou Normal University.


There is a long-standing cooperation between several colleagues from the University of Habana and the Charité, focusing in particular on experimental and surgical pathology. Infectious diseases and various problems in oncology have been the topics of scientific exchange. As a result, a number of scientific publications and exchanges have been produced.


Continuous collaborations with the Universities of Milan, Trieste and Bologna with several training programs for students and young scientists (Profes. V. Eusebio, B. Viale, G. Coggi, G. Bussolati, G. Stanta and others). Honorary member of the Adriatic Society of Pathology.


Initiation of a contract for scientific and medical cooperation as well as student exchange between the Medical University of Wroclaw and the Medical Faculty of the Humboldt University of Berlin, as a basis for many activities in the framework of the Erasmus and Socrates programs (EU).

Long-term collaboration with Polish scientists, e.g. with Prof. M. Zabel (Wroclaw) since 1982 as Humboldt fellow with many joint publications, Prof. Szymas (Poznan) in telepathology since 1999, Dr. Surowiak (Wroclaw) as research associate in experimental pathology since 2002. Intensive exchange activities for Polish physicians and students for surgical training, most recently e.g. A. Szajerka (Wroclaw) in 2004.

United States

Many scientific exchange programs with long-term collaborations e.g. between Johns Hopkins in Baltimore (Prof. Kurman; Epstein, Sanfilippo et al.), Universities of California and Los Angeles (Prof. K. Scanlon), University of Arizona (Prof. Tom Grogan) and Univ. of Chicago (Prof. Beck et al.). There are several scientific projects, e.g. on the prediction of cytostatic drug resistance, prognosis of ovarian cancer, etc.