The only limit for our knowledge is not knowing.

Rudolf Virchow

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Clinical and scientific expertise

Expertise in patient care

Histological (microscopic), immunohistological and molecular pathological diagnostics on surgically or endoscopically removed tissue material from current patients (in vivo diagnostics) of the Charité and affiliated hospitals for the clarification of e.g. malignant tumors, inflammatory changes, malformations … . Participation in the tumor conferences of the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCCC). Introduction of predictive molecular pathology into daily tissue-based diagnostics as a prerequisite for precision medicine in oncology.

Main research and teaching activities

Molecular tumor pathology with studies on cytostatic resistance, predictive drug testing and tumor-associated genetic alterations. New diagnostic techniques in histological and molecular pathological diagnosis of malignant tumors with special emphasis on gyneco-, gastrointestinal- and pulmonary pathology. Introduction of molecular pathological techniques into pathology, e.g. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Biomarker evaluation and their molecular detection, and proteomic analyses. Technical and content development of telepathology systems and virtual microscopy using artificial intelligence.

More than 300 peer reviewed publications in scientific journals and numerous book contributions, including World Health Organisation-Series WHO: Classification of Tumours (2002) Surface epithelial-stromal tumours of the ovary. Pathology and Genetics, Tumours of the breast and female genital tract; WHO-Commission on Classification of Neuro-endocrine Tumours – Pathology and Genetics (2017). Editor of HARRISON Internal Medicine, German Edition, 15th and 16th (for details please see Publications).

More than 20 years main lecturer in pathology, additionally numerous courses and special seminars e.g. for PhD students.